The TWiSTED OUTREACH PROJECT for BACKCARE AND SCOLIOSIS (TOPS), is a community service that provides a range of holistic and creative approaches to working with back care and scoliosis. TOPS runs an office and studio in East Vancouver, and maintains an active website dedicated to creating a network and offering resources around the subject of backcare and scoliosis in BC and beyond.

Directed by dance artist and scoliosis ‘graduate’ Martha Carter, the project has been holding classes, workshops and events since 2010, drawing interest from backcare and scoliosis patients, medical and body work professionals, artists, students and general public of all ages. Lead teacher Martha Carter (Stretch, Dance and Yoga for Scoliosis), and all the TOPS associates, are dedicated to offering the Vancouver community and beyond, ‘gentle back awareness’ to help each individual help themselves.

Associate specialists and mentors around the world include:

Elise Miller (Yoga for Scoliosis - California)
Alison West (ERYT, Yoga Union - New York)
Deborah Wolk (Yoga Union for Backcare and Scoliosis - New York)
Kristen Fay Gorman (PhD: Genetic Researcher for Scoliosis - SFU, Hopital Ste. Justine, Montréal )
Dr. Stephen Tredwell - (Orthopaedic Surgeon - Vancouver)

Please see our ASSOCIATES page to find information about our local body-work teachers!

TOPS is a non-profit charitable association under the umbrella of Marta Marta HoP Dance Society.

Board of Directors

Isabel Wood - Board President & Chair
Beth Carter - Treasurer
Bea Nordleth - Board Member
Kathryn Kusyszyn- Board Member
Ingrid Beattie - Board Member
Stephen Beattie - Board Member
Eva Newman - Board Member