Yoga for Scoliosis at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio in Halifax with Martha Carter

I attended the restorative yoga workshop at TAYS yesterday in Halifax and I could have cried I was so happy. To finally experience a course with someone who completely understands my limitations, restrictions, and unique layout was very empowering. It would be great to continue to have training here in Halifax. Thank you again for the amazing opportunity yesterday!
- Katie Newell, workshop participant

That was the most helpful 2 hrs of my life!
- Amanda, workshop participant

Yoga for Scoliosis at Naada Studio in Montreal with Martha Carter

Very informative and good to get to know all of the resources available.
- Jessica Genel, workshop participant

Merci, il ya beaucoup a apprende! Tres instructif & interessant.
- Mylene LaFerriere, workshop participant


I feel really good this morning, now that has not been my world for quite some time now. When I first woke up I thought something is different, oh I know, I don't ache and not so much brain fog.

I enjoyed the space Martha and David created. There was a gentleness and understanding from both of them that was nurturing/healing and because of this, the breathing, the asanas, the meditation and learning about mindfulness resonated with me.

Thank you!
Molly Spencer

Anatomy, Movement and the Spine workshop (with Martha Carter & Jennifer Mascall)

It was a wonderful workshop. The knowledge that both Martha and Jennifer shared worked seamlessly together, making it a dynamic day. It's amazing what we can learn in only a few hours. Many thanks to the teachers, and everyone who made this workshop happen!
- Mallory Amirault

Yoga for Scoliosis Workshop (with Elise Browning Miller)

I am a new woman after the [yoga for scoliosis] workshop and am going to try going without a lift in my shoe...I had people say I looked taller when I came home. I know my posture has improved.
- a happy workshop student

Marvelous Martha!

Dear Martha,

The more I see your performances or experience your workmanship through stretch classes, I believe you are teaching not only awareness of the spine, but also of the heart. Your heart reaches out to others in a marvelous manner.

TOPS Stretch for Scoliosis classes

TOPS Stretch for Scoliosis classes have given me great exercises to help me understand my scoliosis. Now I feel much more confident about exercising without being afraid of hurting myself.
Lynn T.

Private Consultaton with Martha Carter

After my private consultation with Martha, my back felt more released and pain free since along time. Her gentle exercises and compassionate listening was invaluable.
Mick S.